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A -- Carter, Virgel Januski, Robert -- Legris, Rita Riley, Francis -- Tanner, William
Cary -- Farley, Viola Legris, Vivian -- Miller, Mary J Taylor, Burton -- Ziegel
Fennell -- Januski, Mary Lou Miller, Paul -- Riddle, Steve  

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East of Wabash West of Wabash
No. of Broadway
West of Wabash
So. of Broadway
46-29 1a 46-30a 1a 46-30b 1a
46-29 1b 46-30a 1b 46-30b 1b
46-29 2a 46-30a 2a 46-30b 2a
46-29 2b 46-30a 2b 46-30b 2b
46-29 3a 46-30a 3a 46-30b 3a
46-29 3b 46-30a 3b 46-30b 3b
46-29 4a 46-30a 4a 46-30b 4a
46-29 4b 46-30a 4b 46-30b 4b
46-29 5a 46-30a 5a 46-30b 5a
46-29 5b 46-30a 5b 46-30b 5b
46-29 6a 46-30a 6a 46-30b 6a
46-29 6b 46-30a 6b 46-30b 6b
46-29 7a 46-30a 7a 46-30b 7a
46-29 7b 46-30a 7b 46-30b 7b
46-29 8a 46-30a 8a 46-30b 8a
46-29 8b 46-30a 8b 46-30b 8b
46-29 9a 46-30a 9a 46-30b 9a
46-29 9b 46-30a 9b 46-30b 9b
46-29 10a 46-30a 10a 46-30b 10a
46-29 10b 46-30a 10b 46-30b 10b
46-29 11a 46-30a 11a 46-30b 11a
46-29 11b 46-30a 11b 46-30b 11b
46-29 12a 46-30a 12a 46-30b 12a
46-29 12b 46-30a 12b 46-30b 12b
46-29 13a 46-30a 13a 46-30b 13a
46-29 13b 46-30a 13b 46-30b 13b
46-29 14a 46-30a 61a 46-30b 61a
46-29 14b 46-30a 61b  
46-29 15a 46-30a 62a  
46-29 15b    
46-29 16a    
46-29 16b    
46-29 17a    
46-29 17b    
46-29 18a    
46-29 18b    
46-29 19a    
46-29 19b    
46-29 20a    
46-29 20b    
46-29 61a    
Phone - 815-936-5149 (village hall)
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Bradley, IL 60915